Experiment Proposal: Simulating Ash Wednesday fire weather using AUS2200

Lead Investigator: Dr Hooman Ayat

The purpose of the proposed experiment is to simulate and study the Ash Wednesday fire weather in Victoria in 1983. This is part of a bigger project to investigate the key drying mechanisms during frontal passages during significant bushfires in Australia. The fire weather will be simulated using the AUS2200 modelling framework, which covers a wide area that encompasses the entire Australian continent. The combination of high resolution and wide coverage allows us to examine both large-scale and small-scale features, capturing the complete spectrum of drying mechanisms.

Understanding the mechanisms that cause surface drying during bushfire events is of great importance. By studying these processes, we can enhance our ability to predict fire behavior and improve fire weather forecasting. The research will provide valuable insights into the dynamics of surface drying associated with fronts, contributing to the development of more effective fire management strategies.

The expected cost of the simulations is around 50kSU - 100kSU.