Experiment Proposal: Simulating East Coast Low complex in early June 2016 using AUS2200

Lead Investigator: Yi Huang and CLEX postdoc (TBC)

The purpose of this experiment is to understand the dynamics and processes of the East Coast Low complex event in early June 2016, which resulted in widespread flooding in many areas stretching from southeast Queensland, eastern New South Wales, eastern Victoria, and large areas of northern Tasmania. AUS2200 simulations will provide unprecedented details to under the dynamical processes of this event and the associated weather hazards, from synoptic to local scales.

The Bureau of Meteorology produced a special report on this event:

Period of simulation: 2 June - 9 June 2016
Estimates for resource usage: 8 days * 32 kSU/day = 256kSU (incl. spinup) and 4.5TB storage.

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