MOM6 Regional Modelling Mini Hackathon - May

Hi! We’re hoping to run a mini hackathon via zoom one afternoon in the next couple of weeks.

This is relevant to anyone working on regional modelling in mom6. Of particular interest is solving the conservation of mass problem the @PSpence and @adele157 have raised.

Here’s a doodle poll to find the best afternoon: Doodle

I’ll choose the best day by this Thursday and let people know



This issue details the mass adjustment we’re seeing in the panan simulations, and analyses done so far to investigate it.

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What’s the issue in a nutshell?

That if you are doing a subdomain (i.e., regional) then you don’t ensure that the mass of your domain is conserved?

yep, mass fluxes are of order 1000x larger than mass trend…

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We’re having our mini hackathon on Tuesday May 9 at 1:30. All welcome!


Zoom: Launch Meeting - Zoom

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FYI you can use the calendar support to write that as a date/time, which is “clickable” with an “add to calendar” option, e.g. 2023-05-09T03:30:00Z

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Clickable and adjusts to timezones!

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