Should the meeting time for the ESM Working Group change?


This is a topic to discuss the best time to have ESM Working Group Meetings

Who is this for?

Anyone for whom the current meeting time of 1pm Thursday is not optimal, and would like to change the time. This can be people who currently attend but would prefer a different time, but particularly we would like feedback from anyone who is prevented from attending due to the meeting time and day.

What should you do?

This topic is your opportunity to voice your opinion. Please reply and let us know if you can’t attend the ESM Working Group meetings because of a schedule clash, and would come otherwise.


At the last ESM Working Group Meeting it was decided to move the fortnightly Thursday Working Group meetings to 1 pm. Previously they were alternating between 1pm and 3pm to accomodate Tilo who was in Europe and couldn’t make the 1pm time.

When initially choosing the meeting time 1pm was preferred by those who had child carer responsibilities around school pick-ups etc.

A majority of those attending the meeting agreed 1pm was an acceptable time. However there was a recognition that this was only the opinion of those who can make the current meeting time, and that there may be those in the community who cannot attend the meetings, and so not have the opportunity to voice their opinion.

Would you get a better response rate if this was titled: “Should the meeting time for the ESM Working Group change?”. So people know it’s a question and not just sharing information about when the WG meets.

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Good point. Updated, thanks.

I wouldn’t mind having two alternating meeting times if that helps people join the WG meeting at least once a month. But to avoid any further confusion, I’ll be hesitant to propose to change the meeting day (i.e., Thursday).