Where are the restart files stored?

Hi folks,

We are desperately seeking restart files for the Li et al, 2023 paper.

I can find the output files here, e.g.:

Can someone please point me to the restart files? Any idea if they exist @adele157?

Thank you,

Not sure, I would email Qian, they’re probably on e14, but may not be group readable.

Thanks Adele, Paul and I need Li et als. data for some future climate particle tracking to look at changes to larval dispersion for Eastern Rock Lobsters (and later maybe Tasmania Giant Crabs) which means rerunning a few ~18 month chunks.

As a backup option do you know who is responsible for the 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_ssp245 and 01deg_jra55v13_ryf9091_ssp585 datasets added to /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01 back in December? Might be easier to raid those datasets…

Yep, those are @hrsdawson’s simulations. She is on the verge of submitting the paper describing those runs. She’s also moving to UTAS shortly, so easy to collaborate with for you guys!

Hi @Christopher_Roach, I’ve sent you the methods section of the paper describing these runs. Happy to answer any questions you have about them.