CABLE4 development

Experiment title: CABLE4-dev

Summary: CABLE4 is an essential part of the preparation for CMIP7. CABLE4 will enable the use of the tree demography model POP-POPLUC in ACCESS-ESM3.

Scientific motivation: CMIP6 has shown that ACCESS-EMS1.6 is an outlier in the accumulated change in land carbon. Implementing the tree demography in CABLE is seen as a way to remedy to this.

Experiment Name: CABLE4-dev
People: Claire Carouge, Ian Harman, Jhan Srbinovsky, Juergen Knauer, Lachlan Whyborn, Abhaas Goyal, Sean Bryan
Model: CABLE
Initial conditions:
Run plan:
Simulation details:
Total KSUs required: 50 KSU per quarter for 3 quarters
Total storage required: 1 TB
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