Evaluation of ENSO in ACCESS-ESM1.5

planton_evaluation_of_ENSO_in_ACCESS.pdf (2.9 MB)
Here are the slides I presented today.


After a quick discussion with @Harun_Rashid regarding ENSO in a piControl experiment vs. an historical ensemble I did a quick comparison of the two.
ACCESS-ESM1.5 is surprisingly stable. The equatorial Pacific SST is warming by ~0.5°C but all the rest seems to be exactly the same.
@Arnold_Sullivan, @ShayneM may be interested. Feel free to share ths result with others.
planton_evaluation_of_ENSO_in_ACCESS_pi_vs_hi.pdf (896.0 KB)


I continued the analysis:

  • ACCESS-CM2 vs. ESM1.5
  • piControl vs. historical
  • more diagnostics: mean state, seasonal cycle, statistics, seasonal cycle and life cycle of interannual anomalies
  • added a summary table at the end to quickly see the differences between CM2 and ESM1.5
  • apart SST warming (~0.5°C in both models), piControl and historical are almost identical
    2023_09_07_ENSO_in_ACCESS_pi_v_hi.pdf (2.7 MB)