Poster: ACCESS-OM3, Australia's next-generation ocean-sea ice-wave model

Poster: ACCESS-OM3, Australia’s next-generation ocean-sea ice-wave model


This is an overview of ACCESS-OM3, its development progress and our plans for the future. Since its release in 2019, the ACCESS-OM2 multi-resolution global ocean and sea ice model suite has been widely adopted in Australia, underpinning over 60 published papers and forming part of ACCESS-CM2, ACCESS-CM2-025 and OceanMAPS (Bluelink). However, it is built on now-obsolescent code (MOM5 and CICE5), so COSIMA and ACCESS-NRI are building its successor, ACCESS-OM3, which will update Australia’s modelling systems to keep abreast of the leading edge of international model development. ACCESS-OM3 couples the WaveWatch 3 surface wave model with the latest MOM6 and CICE6, enabling representation of ice-wave and ice-ocean interaction, floe size distribution, landfast ice and ice shelf cavity circulation, and providing more efficient biogeochemistry and reduced numerical diffusion. Global configurations at resolutions up to 1/25° are planned, together with much higher-resolution regional configurations. Lower-resolution global configurations will be coupled with UM-CABLE via NUOPC to form ACCESS-CM3 and ACCESS-ESM3 intended for Australia’s CMIP7 submission.


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Note: this topic is part of the 2023 ACCESS Community Workshop Poster session

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