Set-up ACCESS-ESM1.5 with the 0.25 degree ocean

The NESP project CS2.11 (led by Tilo Ziehn) has been trying to set up ACCESS-ESM1.5 with the ¼ degree ocean. We need ACCESS-NRI to help with configuring the UM-CABLE system based on the ocean land-sea mask. Please advise us of the experts(s) who can work on this task within reasonable time frame. This work is urgent for the project milestone.
Many thanks,
Dave (on behalf Tilo)

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Hi @dhb599, welcome to the forum!

My initial reaction is that this is not necessarily a simple job and the best course of action is to first take this to the ESM Working Group and let them know this project is happening and that you’d like the ACCESS-NRI to assist.

I’ve also asked @MartinDix about your query.

As for attending the ESM Working Group meetings, to get emails about upcoming meetings you need to watch the Announce topic:

Instructions on how watch the topic and subscribe to the working group meeting calendar are contained in that topic.

Hi Aidan,

Thanks very much for the prompt response.

I am pretty sure that the ESM Working Group knows about this project since Tilo is one of the co-chairs of the group and Martin knows our request as well. I understand someone(s) at NRI may have been working on building a package (library) aimed to help the ACCESS community for experiment setup and model configuration. It would be nice for us to be shared with the progress and (possible) timeline so that we can have something to fit in the NESP project report.

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Hi Aidan,

just to clarify, this request is related to a NESP project. The ACCESS-NRI is a collaborator/partner on this project and we requested help with setting up ACCESS-ESM with the 1/4 degree ocean multiple times (Martin is aware of this), but there has been limited communication on progress or who is actually working on this task. This is not a request from an individual or the ESM community, but directly related to an obligation and deliverable under the NESP project CS2.11.

I think once we have ACCESS set up with the 1/4 ocean and first results are available, then Dave could provide an update to the ESM community (maybe as part of our regular science working group talks), but at the moment we need better (direct) communication with project CS2.11 (either Dave or myself) about progress and timeline.

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Having a look at this now.

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@MartinDix, is there an update available on this topic? Thanks.

Hi all,

I have been working on acquiring this skill, and so far I have been successful in generating the restart dump file. However, the job crashed right at the beginning, giving an error related to calendars. I believe all calendars should have been processed during the run. If possible, could you please help me debug this issue and check my run?

The job ID is u-cy130.

Once we can resolve this, I believe we will be able to smoothly convert between different resolutions.

I want to express my gratitude for the help I have received from Scottl and Martin. However, I still need more support.



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Martin requested I assign this to him.