Wave modelling global collaboration (COWCLIP) update

The Coordinated Ocean Wave CLimate Intercomparison Project (COWCLIP) collaborators met virtually on July 25, lead by Mark Hemer (CSIRO).
We had 30 participants join, with 17 nations represented.

I’m cross posting here for visibility in the wider Australian community the slides from the meeting, including background, status of current GCM/RCM-driven wave modelling efforts, SurgeMIP, and discussion topics raised (attached).
Cowclip2023_Virtual.pptx (9.0 MB)

The next meeting will be part of the upcoming Waves Workshop in North Bend, Indiana, and hybrid, on Sat 6th October (at a fairly ungodly hour in Australia). If you are interested in participating, please reach out to @AlbertoMeucci (UniMelb/CSIRO), Mark Hemer (CSIRO), @ClaireT (CSIRO), or reply here.